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          1. How to install tire protection chain
            Column:Industry dynamic Time:2018-11-08
            Tools needed: hammer, pliers, iron wire (about 1 meter)

            Tools needed: hammer, pliers, iron wire (about 1 meter)

            1. Place the loader on a flat area and release about a third of the tire air.

            2. Spread the chain and lay it in front of the tire (inside and outside).

            2. Remove the accessories (open section and diamond open section) and hang one end of the chain with about 1 meter of iron wire.

            3. Start the loader. Make sure the front of the tire is aligned with the front of the chain.

            4. Hang the tire pattern with the wire, and use the crowbar to straighten the chain. The vehicle slowly moves backward until the protective chain wraps the tire (front wheel backward, rear wheel forward).

            5. After the two ends of the chain are aligned, connect the two ends with the joint.

            6. Tighten the outer tire chain, and adjust the tightening.

            7. Check the locking ring of the whole tire protection chain, so that the welding joint is outwards to avoid wear of the tire.